Breakfast Buffet

Hostel breakfast buffet

The hostel offers a great all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet to start your day

Breakfast buffet
Price 2020 - DKK 85,-

Children 2-12 years old accompanied by family:
   Price 2020 - DKK 42,50   

At Danhostel Ribe we take our breakfast very seriously

For breakfast Danhostel Ribe's restaurant serves several specialties – some organic, some homemade, some local – and some just good tasting.

We recommend:

  • Delicious homemade bread
  • Homemade organic luxury muesli
  • Homemade jams
  • Rye bread from local prizewinning baker. Danhostel Ribe's baker has won many awards at the Danish Bread Championship
  • More types of quality cheese
  • Quality charcuterie products.
  • We will like to mention our teas: Ceylon OP and Wadden Sea Tea. The Wadden Sea Tea is invented by the hostel and the well-reputed Danish Tea House “Carstensen’s Tea House”.

We don’t serve bacon, cocktail sausages, scrambled eggs or cakes. If that is your choice, you can buy brunch in town - if you are ready to pay double of our breakfast buffet


Breakfast recommendations:

Peter, New Zealand: The breakfast was first-class with a wide selection of good food.
Michael, Germany: The breakfast buffet was very good.
Annalise, UK: Superb breakfast too...
Joanna, Austria: I've never seen such a good breakfast in a hostel. Delicious even with homemade bread, and homemade muesli, fresh fruits and vegetables and plenty of choice, cheese, sausage and ham. 
The boy choristers of All Saints, Northampton before concert in Ribe Cathedral: Thursday began particularly brightly – the breakfast stakes were raised even higher with pineapple carvings, a truly amazing selection of good hams and cheeses, and even candles to illuminate the buffet. Some of these subtleties may have been missed as the boys descended like unfed gannets.

Do-it-yourself packed lunch

   Do-it-yourself packed lunch
                   including ½ l. water bottle and fruit                       

can be reserved ahead of time at the reception desk 

Price 2020 - DKK 60,-
Children 2-12 years old accompanied by family:
Price 2020 - DKK 30,-


All-you-can-eat-breakfast at Danhostel Ribe
Homemade bread at the hostel
Homemade organic luxury muesli
Breakfast with rolls from prizewinning baker



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