Free at the hostel

Free WiFi at Ribe Hostel. Danhostel Ribe, Ribe, Denmark

What you get for free when you stay at the hostel:

  • Accommodation in the centre of Ribe - with a view of both Ribe's skyline (Ribe old town and Cathedral) and the Wadden Sea National Park
  • Free Wi-Fi 
  • The following utility charges: heating, electricity and water are all included in the prices
  •  All taxes and environmental fees are also included in the prices
  • Free use of the self-catering kitchen and dining room (not for groups).
    The kitchen has fridge, stove, some pots and pans and some tableware. There is no guarantee that you find all you need and some might be used by other guests - bring your own if you want to be sure. At times the kitchen is very busy. Read more: Facilities
  • No charge for using credit cards. See what credit cards the hostel accepts: Prices (bottom of the page)
  • Tipping is not expected
  • Common living room with TV
  • Courtyard with children’s play sandpit, tables and picnic benches
  • Free parking for both cars and buses. Locked bicycle shed - please ask for both at the reception desk
  • Free table tennis
  • Free table football
  • In the reception, you can borrow board games, a hair dryer and a clothes iron
  • During certain periods is it possible to use the sports hall. We cannot guarantee this, as it can be rented out for sporting events, elections, outlet, dinner, etc. Enquire at reception. Balls and rackets can be brought or borrowed.
  • In the reception you  can  borrow bats, balls, a Viking Game, etc. all for outside use
  • Notice boards and brochures with tourist information. Nowhere else in Ribe you find so much tourist information as in our hostel
  • You don't pay extra for staying in the only environmentally certified accommodation in all the Wadden Sea National Park. See Green Key Certification
  • Though we are a hostel, you don't clean the room when you leave, our efficient cleaning personnel will do that, but we ask that you leave the room neat and tidy and put recycling items in the recycling box.

Self catering kitchen - Ribe -Denmark
Self catering kitchen. Danhostel Ribe

You can borrow board games
Free table tennis and table football
Living room with TV



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